Young Skeptics is led by volunteers in our community.  We're not teachers by profession, but we all have a passion for ensuring that developing minds discover our natural world without prejudice or superstition.  

While our team does guide young learners through activities and discussions, we encourage kids to come up with their own hypotheses and test the validity of those ideas through experimentation and critical thought.


In addition to volunteer classroom supervisors, we also welcome enthusiastic volunteers to provide assistance in the many duties and tasks required of the board. ‚Äč If you're interested in helping in any capacity, please fill out the contact form or send an email to

Our Team

About Young Skeptics


Young Skeptics is sponsored by The Better News Club, Inc. (BNC), an incorporated non-profit organization run by a board of directors consisting of unpaid volunteers.   

The BNC/Young Skeptics was created first as an alternative to the Good News Club, a Christian evangelical group who enters public schools to proselytize to children and, according to their own materials, declares them all sinners in need of salvation.  The BNC/Young Skeptics feels the approach of Good News Club is a form of psychological abuse, akin to telling small children they're flawed or evil, and must subscribe to a dogma in order to avoid eternal punishment.  It's a fear tactic that accompanies extremism and is a dangerous, albeit effective, technique when performed on children who trust adults and believe what they're told.  This is why Young Skeptics originated at Fairbanks Elementary School in Churchville, NY, to give children (and parents) an alternative to the Good News Club that is operating there.

Young Skeptics operates in stark opposition to the Good News Club's philosophy, understanding it's more important to teach children how to make belief decisions for themselves, rather than accept claims presented to them without thinking critically about those claims.  In Young Skeptics sessions, children are encouraged to ask questions, make discoveries, and challenge the ideas presented to them.  

Despite the reasons Young Skeptics was created, the organization has blossomed into something unique and exciting.  Our curriculum is based on science, critical thinking, evaluating evidence, and navigating through the misinformation that kids are surrounded with today -- and has nothing to do with religion or irreligion.  Religion is not discussed in Young Skeptics sessions, nor is atheism or any other belief system.  We believe such discussions belong in homes and churches, and not in public schools.