Young Skeptics is an after-school program for elementary school children. The club originated in Churchville, NY but is in the process of expanding to other areas of the US.  

Meetings are open to all area elementary school-aged children with signed permission slips, as well as adult residents who wish to observe.


If you are interested in opening a Young Skeptics chapter in your school, please contact us today for more information!



Note: Young Skeptics events are not sponsored by any school district or other government entity.  Young Skeptics is entirely funded by donations and run by unpaid volunteers who share a passion for promoting critical thinking skills among our future leaders.





The mission of Young Skeptics is to promote and facilitate critical thinking and evidence-based learning among the youth of local school districts.  We believe in discovery through tangible problem solving and the scientific method, and refrain from offering supernatural explanations for occurrences in nature.  Young Skeptics is committed to teaching children how to think, not what to think.

We're currently searching for enthusiastic, committed volunteers and interns to fill the following positions:

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Development Intern

If interested in the above positions, please click the titles to learn more!

If you're interested in starting a chapter and having a positive impact in the development of freethinking children, please click below or email us directly at